Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I don't know about you, but I am feeling haaaaaaappy!
I have had an amazing Christmas, spent with family. I ate food, went to midnight mass for the first time in my life (and it was so pretty!), and got some amazing presents.
I did not get anything from AG, but my mom made some AWESOME stuff. But before we move on, let me introduce you to one of my other presents... my


I was not excpeting to get this, AT ALL, and to tell you the truth, I CRIED, when I opened it. :)

I thought I was done with my presents, when my brother handed me one last package. I opened it to find a box with ribbon. It looked like a perfume box, but inside.... !!!!!
I am so thankful for all that I got. 
My mom made me a dress, scarf, and skirt, and I got a doll sled too!

More on this another day, but for now...... 

as little Carrie from Little House on the Prairie said 

Also, make sure to check out Saige's Christmas photoshoot in front of the tree!!!!

Twas an amazing Christmas, and I could not be happier. 


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Last post this year

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas! I will probably get stuff for Christmas from ag but I will post about it in 2014. Today I am gonna show you some dolls that I like. Please don't call me selfish, I want to show you this out of interest. I have no intention of getting these dolls but they are nice.
Name: Marie-Grace Alice Gardner
Marie-Grace would be a role model for the other dolls
and she would always have a good sense of style

Name: Rebecca Ruby Rubin
Rebecca is a quiet and shy girl to most dolls
but once you get to know her
you know that she is very fun

Name: Julie Olivia Albright
Julie is a girl that is always experimenting with
new hairstyles and loves to braid her hair
even in class

Name: Ivy Grace Ling
Ivy is a doll that is very popular for her stories
since she is from China and has tons of great memories

Name: Jessie Ava Parker
Jessie is a girl that loves to sing and you
will find her in the halls singing her favorite
song at that time to herself quietly

Name: Summer Ashley Smith
Summer is the youngest and loves pink, she
is so adorable and looks good in everything

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saige's Christmas Photoshoot

Happy Early Holidays Everyone!
Christmas is approaching at the speed of light!
Surprises are everywhere, christmas songs are being played, trees and lights are appearing in seconds. Have you created your Christmas wish list yet? I didn't ask for anything AG, but did win a dolly! Weird, huh?
This is going to be MY last post before Christmas.

Enjoy the beautiful photos!

This one is my favorite

I love this one!

Everything for Hanukkah

Hey guys so today I will show you everything I got for Hanukkah and I know it is a little late but oh well. You guys know everything except day 8.
Day 1-Fancy Earrings/Photo Book
Day 2-Mini Nellie
Day 3-Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress
Day 4-Ivy's Rainbow Romper
Day 5-Saige's Tunic Outfit
Day 6-Mini Samantha
Day 7-Rebecca's Hanukkah Set
Day 8-Rebecca's Movie Dress
I am so happy about everything I got and I will probably get more for Christmas!

Name choosing

Hi guys! I created another my style collage and it's all about my new dollie!
I CAN'T WAIT till she comes.
Now, I have a mission for ya'll!
I don't know what to name her.
That's why I didn't put a name on this collage.
My dollie will be super sporty, and she's a huge animal lover. She also likes cherries :)
So, on the left, I added a poll.
Her name will be:
Samantha (but she'd be called Sam or Sammy most of the time)
If you have any other ideas, PLEASE comment...
Also, this is totally random, but PLEASE click here to view a GORGEOUS photoshoot of Saige. Also, follow this blog... PLEASE. It would mean a LOT.


Friday, December 20, 2013


Hi guys! So it's all decided!
I'm getting MAG 37

I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited!!
And if you are here like, "WHAAAA?" Cuz like, when in the world did I decide I was gettin' a doll??!??!
Well, I WON her! Scroll down, and you will see my post I put up while shaking with excitement.
Also, shoutout to Katrina the Blogger, cuz without you, I probably wouldn't even notice!!!! Thanks s much Katrina!
So, yah. It will probably take two weeks or something (don't ask why) :( so she won't be here till then.