Thursday, August 15, 2013

My entry for contest

Hi guys. Have you heard the contest on one doll out there? Here is my entry,  please don't steal it!

I opened one eye. Darkness. I strained to hear anything, and was lucky.
"Hurry or we'll be late for the movie!" I heard a girl shout. The door slammed, and silence followed.
"All clear! I shouted, and then ran to my friends.
"Finally! My legs were getting jumpy!" Said the always energetic Alyssa. "Hey, how about we have a party?" She added.
"Um, I don't think so. How about a walk?" Hannah, suggested, looking out the window.
"A walk would be great!" I said happily, and we all ran outside.

We spent an hour playing tag and hide n seek. Then after that hour, we stopped to rest.
Chrissa, who was always up for a conversation, rolled onto her stomach and started talking about how our owner was going to start school soon, and that we'd have tons of free time.
"I don't know about you, but I love summer. We are not cooped up all the time, and instead, owner takes out and it's so much fun to be in photoshoots!" Alyssa said happily, getting up and cartwheeling on the lawn.
"But you guys are lucky. You can at least whisper when owner is at home. I have to sit silently in my room unless she takes me out." I said, and Julie nodded sympathetically.
"We should get going. It's getting late." She added, glancing at her watch, and so we all got up and headed towards the house.
As the girls laughed at some joke Chrissa had just come up with, I looked at the deep blue sky and closed my eyes. I took a breath, letting the fresh summer air fill my lungs. Then I opened my eyes again, and took another step, letting the soft breeze make my hair flutter. I smiled to myself.
Maybe I was a doll and all, but life was good. I couldn't argue with that!
Over and out,
Saige Copeland

I hope you liked my entry, and if you entered, good luck!
That was my last post for sometime, if you don't understand, check out the post below!
Love ya guys, and keep rockin'

Taking a break

I am like the worst blogger ever.
I am so, so sorry. I've been thinking, and well, I just never have time, or the patience to blog.
So, I decided to take a break. I will deffinately come back once in a while, and will try to start blogging again in November (in time for my bloggoversary) but for now, I'll take a break. I might blog sometimes on Saige 4 ever, because I have hundred of ideas for that blog, but for now I need to rest.
I will be starting a blog thats not about dolls in September or around that time, and I would love if you could follow it.
I will post the link here when I'm ready.
Thanks for being such awesome people.

Once again, I'm sorry,
Your friend