Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm kind of sick

I'm kind of sick, but the internet didn't work ALL day until about an hour ago :(
So I couldn't do much posts.
I decided that it's time for me to do what I did with the dolls on

Long time no post, 2 AND SURPRISE

(please check out this post if you haven't)

So, without pictues (hopefully uploaded over the weekend!)
I present to you

My dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (when I was little I didn't really pay attention to personalities, so here they are)

Hannah Sarah Williams

Hannah is a 14 year old girl full of ideas. She loves dance, especially ballet and when she dances, she feels free. She enjoys classical, pop and country music and likes to read. 
She likes wearing cute clothes that let her move around like: jeans, sweats, sweaters, cardigans, tee's, tank tops, leggings. She is a bit of a perfectionist so her hair is always up in a neat bun, braid/braids, ponytails or twists. 
She can't stand dirty rooms, messy closets, desks and lockers. She does her best in everything she does and can get a bit picky when it comes to food. 
In her spare time Hannah likes reading, dancing, writing, making her own jewelry and play with her two husky dogs.
Julie Lindsey Albright

Julie is a bright, 13 1/2  year old who loves sports and hippie style stuff. With a passion for basketball, volleyball and 70's style, Julie is always ready to go wild. Julie enjoys old music, pop, country and sometimes rock. Reading, skateboarding, rollerskating  and drawing are some of her many hobbies.
She likes wearing bright, funky clothes, vintage things, vests, sweaters, polo shirts, jeans and skirts. She wears her hair in pony-tails, braids, down loose, and in funky styles she makes up herself. 
Decorating her room, making collages, creating 70's crafts and making posters on her computer are her passions. She loves glamming everything up though sometimes she can get a bit carried away. 
In her spare time Julie likes reading, dancing, singing and just having fun. 
Chrissa Laura Maxwell

Chrissa is 13 year old, fun-loving girl. She loves adventures and is pretty courageous. Around people she doesn't know she can shy, but once she gets to know them, she can be really fun. 
She likes wearing jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, skirts with leggings and shorts. She says her style isn't really unique, but she likes it a lot anyway. For her hair she usually just clips the front away, or does something fun in the front of her hair. 
Dancing, tree climbing, hiking, and writing are some things she really likes. 
In her spare time, Chrissa plays with her dog coconut, listens to music, and makes jewelry.
Alyssa Mckayla Cranterberry

Alyssa is a 12 year old lover of the spotlight! She adores singing, dancing, and acting. When she is on stage, she feels free, and feels like she can be anyone. 
Alyssa loves wearing skirts, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, vests, leggings, sparkles and sequins. For her hair, she likes to string bright ribbons, pin back the front, make little braids or just keep it loose. 
Dancing, singing, making up outfits and hairstyles, and making songs are her passions. In her spare time Alyssa, plays with her dog Honey, listens to music and plays her doll. 

So, I hope you enjoyed that and look out for pictures soon. PLEASE READ ALL THE POSTS THAT YOU HAVEN'T READ ESPECIALLY THE ONE I MENTIONED ABOVE!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Long time no post, 2 AND SURPRISE

The weather has been really weird,
I have been super busy
I got my cast off!
I know have a brace (which I can take off0, but it's better, just if I put any weight on it, it hurts.
So, I decided to take the poll off. Now there is a new one, for the 6 dolls with most votes. Wanna know the votes? Here:
Doll #7, red long hair with bangs, hazel eyes and freckles: 10
Doll #2, dark brown wavy hair, hazel eyes and freckles: 8
Doll #4, short red hair, green eyes and freckles: 7
Caroline:  6
Rebecca: 7
Marie-Grace: 6

So, now vote for ONE of those!

So, I was really recently at my friends house, and she has MAG 39, and the doll that I numbered 4, up above.
We dressed them up, and took pictures, and then she sent me some of mine (I asked for them). The doll I "played" with was "number 4".
So, even if she does not get the most votes, there is a HUGE possibility I'll get her. It might even be that I'll buy a doll not on this list above.
So, here are the GORGEOUS pictures of Emily (who I would name Leah)

Random pictures
I LOVE this perspective

This. photo. is. gorgeous.



Congrats Emily!

This outfit looks adollable on her.

She looks so cute in this jacket
I love these boots


A closer look at her eyes and freckles
Her freckles are too cute


So sweet

2 words: HER. EYES

The prettiest pics will be!
I love how the sparkles bring out her eye color

I love how I kind of curled her hair
This is amazing




So, I hope you liked the pictures.
 Now, I thought that it would be fun to share what the six dolls above would be named and their personalities, if I got any of them, so ENJOY! Maybe this will help you vote!

Amber Alexia Brown
Amber is a 13 year old energetic girl who loves sports. She loves to go wild and have fun and is full of ideas. Although it's sometimes hard, Amber always remembers that the most important thing in sports is having fun, not winning. Her passion for teamwork is not only for the field, she loves doing group activities. Amber likes wearing comfy, cute clothes, with a funky hair style to spice her outfits up. In her spare time, Amber practices her throws and kicks, listens to music, and helps out at the local animal shelter.

Kendra Lanie Sorenson 
 (First and last name is a character from one of my favorite book series)
13 year old Kendra has a huge passion for music. She loves to make music, listen to music, and dance to music. She loves to dance, and her talent shows in ballet, and on the dance floor. Kendra plays on the guitar, takes vocal lessons, and is getting the hang of playing on the flute. Her favorite type of music is pop and country. Kendra likes wearing, vintage, cute clothes, jewelry, and enjoys making up hairstyles. In her spare time, Kendra listens to music, makes up songs on her guitar and plays with her doll or pet. Kendra also has a passion for animals.

Leah Amanda James
Leah is a 13 year old, fun-loving, happy girl with a passion for sport and music (see what I did their?). She loves singing and playing the guitar and flute. She plays many sports like soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, skateboarding (does that count?), tennis and cross country. Leah loves wearing sporty tops (usually from her sport team), leggings or pants (sometimes skirts), boots and sneakers. During her spare time, Leah, decorates her room, plays with her pet or doll, listens to music, checks out fun websites, and plays her instruments.  She likes animals a lot and would love to have a parrot one day.
Destiny Sapphire Mills 
(I know the name does not match, but it will if I get her, cause she'll be a modern girl)
13 year old Destiny loves to be girly. Her favorite clothes are girly colors, skirts, dresses and frills, and she likes to leave her hair down in curls. During her spare time, Destiny sings, dances and does fashion shows with her friends. With a dream to be famous when she grows up, Destiny loves to be in the spotlight.But she doesn't know how she wants to be famous. Singer, actress, model, painter? Destiny thinks that right now, she has enough talents, to get her going until it's time to decide :D
(The reason I wrote that is because all I know is she would be girly and loving to be in the spotlight (like Sharpay!)

Adele Grace Johnson
Even as a little girl, 13 year old Adele dreamed of singing. People love to listen to her sweet voice ring out into the audience, and Adele loves the joy she gets after singing a song in front of people.Adele takes singing lessons 3 times a week, and loves to sing whenever she can. A bit girly, Adele likes to wear girly tops, skirts and jeans. Her favorite music is pop, country and classical. In her spare time, Adele loves to listen to music, make up songs and go on walks with her dog.

Rebecca Rachel Rubin
Ever since she learned how to talk, Rebecca loved to act. She loved movies, performances and watching people become new characters. Princesses, princes, frogs, witches, fairies, kings, queens, boys, girls, moms, dads, it was all wonderful. And as she grew up, she knew she wanted to be like that. Rebecca takes acting class at school and goes to extra Drama class on Thursdays. She loves to wear girly, fashionable clothes, and jewelry to spice up her outfits. In her spare time, she makes up stories and characters, and plays with her 2 kittens. 

So, what do you think?
I hope this was fun, and now the last thing for the day!


Every doll family is different. Every doll family is special. If you think about it, probably no one in the world has the same dolls, mini dolls and pets like you. Pretty cool, huh? That's why, I want YOU to join this giveaway!

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Happy early Saint Patrick's day!
I hope you enjoyed this long post, please enter the giveaway, and VOTE! It's in the same place as the first one was.

Picture of my dolls from the summer, which I edited

Lots of Love (LOL)

(I wish you luck from the Irish! For the giveaway)

Oh, and if you could write a comment telling me which doll you like most as in "personality wise" then I'd be very happy!