Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bad Newsy

Hi pals!
Oh what can happen to a person is unbelievable!
Finally, I have a break from school, which means that I can post a ton! I wanted to take a dolly out in the fresh fallen snow, but NO. Guess what? I broke my arm! A bone in by my wrist went CRACK, and it's my right hand! I'm right handed! So, I'm having trouble just writing this down! So, as you may see I added a poll on the right. Two actually.
I've been thinking about selling my bitties, because I never use them. :(
So vote on the poll tellig me if you think I should or not.
The one above, shows the dolls I would like to get with Saige in the summer, if I would sell my bitties. So, this post is basically pics (in order) of the dolls!
Gahh my hand, I can't write well!

I forgot one doll thats a link to see her
The doll with the most votes wont be necisseraly (i know i spelled that wrong) the one i buy, but it will help me narrow down the list to 5 or 4 dolls. Honestly, I don't know what doll I get cause they all look different in real life, so yeah.



(So sorry, have to take a break from blogging for two weeks!) Even then my hand will be weak, but i'll try!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day everyone!
So sorry for not posting, I am so busy. But I have a break from school soon, so look out for some posts!

Have a nice Day!