Delightful Profiles

My Dollies Profiles !!!!!!

Hannah Sarah Williams

Natsdolls 005.jpg

Name: Hannah Williams

Nickname: None
Age: Almost 14
Birthday: 30 of December
Description: Blond layered hair, blue eyes.
Personality: Kind, shy, funny, the peacemaker
PET/PETS: Husky names Siera (Not american girl pet)
DREAM PET:  Another Husky, NAME: Pepper 
Hobbies: Being a pen pal, soccer, sled racing, Making up jokes, Lacrosse, Volleyball, reading, writing.
Dream job: Sled racer or veterinarian
Favorite food: Smoothies and waffles (she has a sweet tooth)
Least favorite food: Radishes
Favorite animals: Dogs, cats and hamsters.
Pet peeve: When friends get in fights, she wants to tell them that it's not worth fighting for, whatever it is. 
Style: Sporty, cool, cute.
A quote from Hannah:
"It is much easier to start something, then it is to finish it" 

Hannah is a 14 year old girl full of ideas. She loves dance, especially ballet and when she dances, she feels free. She enjoys classical, pop and country music and likes to read. 
She likes wearing cute clothes that let her move around like: jeans, sweats, sweaters, cardigans, tee's, tank tops, leggings. She is a bit of a perfectionist so her hair is always up in a neat bun, braid/braids, ponytails or twists. 
She can't stand dirty rooms, messy closets, desks and lockers. She does her best in everything she does and can get a bit picky when it comes to food. 
In her spare time Hannah likes reading, dancing, writing, making her own jewelry and play with her husky dogs.

Julie Lindsey Albright

Natsdolls 013.jpg
Name: Julie Albright.
Nickname: Jules.
Age: 13 and a half.
Birthday: 1 of May.
Description:Blonde long hair, brown eyes, light skin.
Personality: Funny, energetic, outgoing, Friendly. 
PET/PETS:  Small bunny, Fluffer (Not american girl pet), Cat named Ginger
DREAM PET:  Brown bunny, NAME: Nutmeg
Hobbies: Basketball, running, softball, drawing, lacrosse, reading, writing, skateboarding and rollerskating.
Dream Jobs: Basketball player, or camp counselor.
Favorite food: Mandarins, chocolate cookies, whipped cream (straight from the bottle).
Least favorite food: Spaghetti Carbonara.
Favorite animals: Dogs and bunnies.
Pet Peeve: When people are stubborn.
Style: Funky, cool, chic, depends on her mood.
A quote from Julie: 
"If you can dream it, you can achieve it"

Julie is a bright, 13 year old who loves sports and hippie style stuff. With a passion for basketball, volleyball and 70's style, Julie is always ready to go wild. Julie enjoys old music, pop, country and sometimes rock. Reading, skateboarding, rollerskating  and drawing are some of her many hobbies.
She likes wearing bright, funky clothes, vintage things, vests, sweaters, polo shirts, jeans and skirts. She wears her hair in pony-tails, braids, down loose, and in funky styles she makes up herself. 
Decorating her room, making collages, creating 70's crafts and making posters on her computer are her passions. She loves glamming everything up though sometimes she can get a bit carried away. 
In her spare time Julie likes reading, dancing, singing and just having fun. 

Chrissa Laura Maxwell

Natsdolls 020.jpg
Name: Chrissa Maxwell.
Nickname: Chrissy.
Age: 13 years old
Birthday: 16 of December.
Description: Dark brown short hair, blue eyes, light skin.
Personality: Shy around new people, funny, loud around people she knows.
PET/PETS: West Highland White Terrier, Coconut

DREAM PET:  Gray cat, NAME: Praline, 
Hobbies: Swimming, bowling, cooking, lacrosse, ice skating, jewelry making
Dream job: Professional swimmer, jewelry maker or violin player.
Favorite foods: Tomato soup, Fruit salads.
Least favorite food: Fish sea food.
Favorite animals: Dogs, Llamas, Horses.
Style: Funky, sweet, cute.

Alyssa Mikayla Cranterberry

Natsdolls 017.jpg
Name: Alyssa Cranterberry.
Nickname: Lyssi.
Age: 12 years old
Birthday: 8 of May
Description: Brown short hair, brown eyes, medium skin.
Personality: Outgoing, wild sometimes, funny, sweet, creative.
PET/PETS:  Golden Retriever, Honey
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, making jewelry, Writing realistic fiction stories, reading, tennis, lacrosse, ballet.
Dream Job: Actress or R.F book writer.
Favorite food: Pear sorbet, all berries, cupcakes, jelly beans (also has a sweet tooth)
Least favorite food: Octopus sushi (she only ever heard of it, but doesn't even like the name!)
Favorite animals: Dogs, horses.
Pet peeve: When people bully her sisters.
Style: Dresses, sparkles, sequins, skirts, tops, sweaters, skinny jeans.

Delilah Isabelle Rose

Name: Delilah Rose
Nickname: Dell (Always callled that)
Age: 9 and a half
Birthday: 5th of August
Description: Brown waby hair curled at the end, blue green eyes, light skin and freckles
Personality: Kind, Loyal, Brave, Outgoing, Adventurous
PET/PETS:  Husky puppy named Shasta
DREAM PET: Doesn't know yet
Hobbies: Singing, Gymnastics, Reading, Writing, Dancing.
Dream Job: Singer or baker
Favorite Food:  Mama's pies and ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Pickles and cucumbers
Favorite animals: Horses, Polar Bears, Dogs, Cats
Pet Peeve: Rumor Spreaders
Style: Jeans, cute shirts, Mary jane shoes, dresses.

Saige Jessica Fern Copeland

Name: Saige Copeland
Nickname: Saige
Age: 12
Birthday: June 3rd
Description: Auburn curly long hair, turquoise eyes, freckles.  
Personality: Artsy, Couregeous, Strong Minded, Fashionable, Kind, Funny
PET/PETS:  She's in charge of the horse, Midnight
Hobbies: Painting, drawing, horse-riding, photography, designing different things
Dream Job: Painter, Horse Rider, Fashion Designer
Favorite Food: Pickles, potato chips, spaghetti, tacos and nachos.
Least Favorite Food: Any kind of seed, feta cheese and peppers.
Favorite animals: Horses, Dogs, Dolphins, Butterflies
Pet Peeve: Cold Weather, Super hot weather, The colour beige, when people don't listen to her ideas.
Style: Boots, dresses, skirts, cute tops, leggings, sweaters and cardigans, jeans. 

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