Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer FASHION with Chrissa and Alyssa


It's Alyssa and Chrissa here, and we thought it would be so much fun to make a post about FASHION. So we took some clothes outside (yes, we are very silly) and took some pictures and made some tips up for you guys!!!! So, to make it easier, Alyssa will be writing in purple, and Chrissa will be writing in green.


Hi, Alyssa here!! First of all, I will talk about vests. I LOVE vests. They are so cute, and can make a plain outfits so much better. In our closet, we have two vests so far, but I'm planning to get a white one and/or a jean material one soon.

Hi! Chrissa here, talking about unused stuff. Like me, you might have some old stuff sitting in the bottom of your closet, stuff you never wear. Just recently, I decided to give this funky skirt a chance. I used to hate it, because of the brown and blue combination, but when I paired it with a pink shirt, the brown seemed to disappear! I swear this is now my favorite outfit.

Other shirts: In our closet, we have a pink pajama shirt which is really adorable. Only problem is that it has a funny penguin on one side. I just love this shirt, so I tried it on with my tan, cowgirl vest and it turned out perfect!!! Make sure to see if cute, but more pj type shirts can be transformed into something casual. 

Platform sandals, well, I <3 them. If your feeling short, they can give you a boost, and they are so comfy, unlike high heels. You can look cute and be active in these awesome shoes, plus they're perfect for summer.

Colors that go together are a perfect fit. In this outfit, I am wearing a pinkish-purplish shirt, purple pants, and pink platforms. This matched very well. 
Don't know what colors match?

Orange: Green, blue, black, white.
Blue: Black, gray, white, pink, orange, yellow.
Pink: White, gray, black, blue, purple.
Red: Green, purple, white, black, blue.

Are some matches. Experiment with your own clothes to find some more things that you can pair.

Scarfs are a great way to spice up plain outfits. If you are feeling wild, wear a scarf and a vest, or a scarf and a necklace at the same time!!! If you don't have a scarf, no problem! It's so easy to make one. Measure some material, cut, and throw over your neck. If you want a more complex type of scarf, you can cut the bottom part into fringes and ty little knots.

Sometimes, summer days can be cold, and that's when you should turn to cardigans. They come in a hug variety of colors, patterns and lengths, and are so much fun. For plain outfits, I advise cardigans with fun patters, like the one I'm wearing in the picture. If it's chilly, throw on a cardigan and smile!

Plain cardigans are a great choice for if your wearing a outfit that already has some kind of pattern, or a shirt with a design. Some of my favorite cardigan colours are: Black, white, gray, pink.

I <3 dresses. Whether it's for a special occasion or for every day wear, dresses come in so many styles, colors, patterns, and with so many designs Alyssa and I could write a book about them Oh my gosh Chrissa, that would be so much fun! No it wouldn't, now let me type. 
Choose the right dress for you, or for the occasion (Don't wear glittery, sleevless dresses every day. That makes you look bad) and smile!

(Made with InstaCollage)

Yard sales and old clothes: I'm always on the lookout for cool clothes and just recently at a yard sale I found this big, oversized, plaid vest, and bought it for a cheap price. I put it over a white tank top and black leggings and TA DAA!! I know have a very trendy outfit. If you are outgoing and open to new things, look everywhere, because you never know where you'll find something funky!

Black shoes: If you want to stand our or just shine for a day, pair a cute outfit with shiny black shoes. This adds a funky look to your outfit and people will know that you like to be different. Black shoes look best with skirts, so if your ready to try this look, try to wear it with a skirt.

Sweaters are so cool. Just like cardigans, they keep you warm, but they usually zip up, or button up, while many cardigans don't. These too come in so many colours and patterns, so pick the perfect one and cozy up!

Sporty style: I used to think that if you wore sporty clothes, you weren't fashionable, but now I know better. I like to wear this outfit with a matching pair of shoes, and Julie found this cute head band at a yard sale in February. The headband matches perfectly! If you stick to matching well, and maybe add some jewellery or a cool hairstyle, you can rock a sporty outfit!

Boots in summer: If it's not 100 degrees outside and you don't mind being a bit warm, boots are very cute in summer outfits. Obviously don't wear ugs in June, but cowboy boots or other cute boots are great. Boots come in so many styles, so you can easily find the right pair for you. Wear them with a skirt or shorts and your ready to go!

So, we hope you enjoyed our fashion tips!

We hope you'll have fun discovering your style this summer!

Remember that whatever others say, you are you and you can wear what makes you feel best!

Have fun, discover new outfits and enjoy spending time with your awesome friends!


Alyssa and Chrissa

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Once again, 
With love,
Chrissa* and Alyssa<3