About Us: The Delightful Girls

Hi guys! Meet us, the Delightful's!

We hope you enjoy reading about us! And forgive us if we bore you to death, we tried to make it interesting!


I'm just a really weird girl in an ordinary world. I love to sing, dance, read and write. My goal is to write books in the future, tons of em', and for at least one of them to win a Newberry Honor Award (Yes, I have high expectations). I love summer, and hope to live somewhere warm when I grow up. I live with my mom, dad and brother, and my collection of dolls of course! I love photography, and may photograph pictures for my books. I ADORE music, so I'm a sucker for musicals. I have fallen in love with Teen Beach Movie recently, it's amazing! I have started a blog about the world around us: All These Little Things, which you can find the link to in one of our pages. I love God. My favorite thing to eat (and drink) is chocolate. I'm quite weird, considering that I sometimes slide through the hallway in my boots, waving my arms around and singing. At school. I'm saving up for an Ipod Touch 5th Generation. I love peace signs and hearts. The picture above is not mine. I have a weird obsession about Minions. I think Golden Retrievers are adorable. I have a huge collection of books in my room. You probably don't want to read anymore, but stick with me for a bit longer. I love stripes, and necklaces, and am addicted to riding bikes. I absolutely adore hot weather. I'd rather be stuck outside in 110 degrees Fahrenheit than be freezing in 5 degrees Fahrenheit. I am going to start an AGTUBE channel very soon. And yes, I love dolls. I know that many people my age have long forgotten about dolls, but I love taking pictures, doing their hair, and dressing them.
So I hope I haven't bored you to death, and if I have, I hope you can still visit the blog! :P

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1. My middle name is Rose
2. I love purple
3. My friends are from all over the world
4. I have loved ag since I was 8
5. I have never had a blog
6. My nickname is Bob Molly
7. My parents are both teachers
8. I've loved Saige ever since she came out
9. Molly was my first doll and I had my mom promise me she would get her for my birthday
10. I play the flute but I don't want Saige to play because she is artistic not musical
11. I have been to the AG store once
12. I secretly want Rebecca but my mom doesn't know
13. I've known Natalia for about 4 years
14. One of my favorite teachers is also Natalia's favorite teacher
15. If I could make any wish and it would come true, I would wish for people to not judge other people so quickly

We hope you enjoyed reading about us!
Come back soon!
Natalia and Molly


  1. 1. I go by Dollygirl online
    2. I'm 11
    3. I really want an AG for Christmas
    4. I love to swim
    5. I'm in the Dolphin level
    6. I used to have a hamster
    7. I have blue-gray-green eyes
    8. I have super dark brown long layered hair
    9. I used to have to wear a mouth retainer
    10. I'm homeschooled
    11. I'm obsessed with 1D
    12. I'm also obsessed with Taylor Swift
    13. Big dogs that aren't golden retrievers scare me badly
    14. I don't have any allergies
    15. I <3 to draw
    16. I go crazy with my best friend
    17. I'm insanely obsessed with 18 inch dolls
    18. I used to take dance lessons
    19. I love photography
    20. I really want an account on Pinterest
    21. I really want an AG
    22. I don't have a phone
    23. I have an iPod Touch
    24. I like trying out strange sounding ice cream
    25. My favorite ice cream is neopolitin
    To be continued... (there's only so many letters allowed per comment)

  2. Continued
    26. My favorite sherbert is rainbow
    27. I love summer
    28. I love horses
    29. I love that time in the summer where you're skipping around in a tank top, shorts, and when you go outside you just have to shove on some flip-flops
    30. I love that awesome feeling you get around Christmas
    31. I hate green Christmasas
    32. I love styling hair
    33. I was born in May
    34. I have been on Blogger for almost two years
    35. I hope I get to meet my cyber friends some day
    36. I love violets
    37. I have a HUGE backyard
    38. I love having a whole doll house with a table and beds and a couch and stuff
    39. I have the Molly and Kit mini dolls
    40. I just finished the first Harry Potter book and loved it
    41. I love painting my nails
    42. I love taking care of babies
    43. I'm in the sixth grade
    44. I don't think we could live without school
    45. I can't imagine being in "real school"
    46. I'm in a Christmas play at my church tomorrow with the lead role
    47. Tomorrow is my doll Crissy's birthday
    48. There's this one baby at my church who is SO sweet, I love to make him smile
    49. I love to smile
    50. I have a goal to have 50 followers and 10,000 pageviews by Christmas
    That was fun! :)

  3. Thanks Dollygirl! I loved reading about you! I was born in May too!!!!!!!!! I would love to meet you one day!
    That's funny, what u wrote on 45 and what I wrote on 46. Were opposites!

    1. Thanks! That's so cool! We have so many things in common! I totally could not imagine me being in "real" school though!

  4. Hi Natalia! I just found your blog and I LOVE it so much! Like you have know idea.....

  5. Thanks! I love when people find my blog and love it so much! LOL

  6. I love your blog! And, I secretly love KFC!!!

  7. Wow! How could you ever write so many facts???????? Hey! I really like to writ too! I even have a blog for that, I would love it if you would check it out: autumnreadsandwritesallday.blogspot.com.

  8. Love your blog!
    We are starting an American Girl Message Board and would love for you to be among the first to contribute your thoughts, ideas and photos!

  9. Buys By Bella: I would love to! As soon as I can I'll try!