Sunday, January 27, 2013

Long time, no post!!!

So, wheew!
I haven't had time to get on the computer for a long time. Everything was super, super hectic, so I couldn't get on. Do not think I forgot about you guys! Plus, if you still haven't, become a follower. I am six people away from 20 followers!
Well, expect this to be a long post. By the way,  if you saw my post about the HC ag dolls, then know that I meant that It's the way the dolls come in. I could make Molly, different, and I could make all the other less favorite HC characters of mine the way I like. Just so you know.

So, my late X-mas package finally came!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will share pictures of opening the stuff later. Here are some pics of Hannah, Julie and Chrissa modeling the stuff. "By the way, I also got two surprises, a cool doll carrier and the store exclusive sweater, which I adore! (Sorry about the change in lighting, my camera isn't a genius, and it changes the lighting to adjust the quality 'did that make sense?' )
Here are the girls ready to model. Hannah was making up outfit's and Julie and Chrissa were chillin in their pj's. 

Julie looks gorgeous in the cozy sweater outfit. Gorgeous! Pictures can't show how cute it is. 

Here is Julie with the exclusive sweater. I love it! It's so adorable. I am obsessed with it!
The pj's are to die for! I love them! If you have a Chrissa doll, you should get these, they look wonderful on her! You should get them even if you don't have a Chrissa too!

A close up
This set is adorable. I love everything about it! (the headband came with the sweater, sorry)

Here is Hannah with the accessories. I love the boots!!!!!!!!!
Here they are with all the clothes. You will see the doll carrier a different time. 
Now, reviews!

1. I have always wanted the cozy sweater outfit  I am so glad I have it now! Everything about it is perfect. The sweater shirt is so cute and cozy, the leggings are awesome, the shoes are too cute and the headband finishes the outfit. My only complaint is that the shoes are hard to put on sometimes and they don't stay on well. Overall I give this outfit a 4.5 out of 5

2. I love the sweetheart pj's. Ever since they came out I wanted them. The shoes are so cute, the shorts are adorable and the shirt can be used for casual outfits. Overall I give this outfit 5 out of 5.

3. The whole snowboard outfit is cute. The jacket is adorable, the pants are so cute and I love the blue socks. The shoes are adorable and so is the gear. I love this whole set. I just don't like the fact that it's so pricy! I give it a 4 out of 5.

4. The exclusive sweater outfit is adorable. If you have the chance to go to a AG store, you should get it. I really recommend!

So, that's the package, now I recently organize my doll closet, and I am really proud of myself. It looks cute now! 

So enjoy!
Part of my doll "house before"

Inside the doll closet before.

No clothes inside! :D

My floor with everything taken out! ;)

Here there is actually less stuff! If you look closely you will see!
Stuff added from the doll rooms! He he 

Look how clean!

But that's not the end. The doll clothes!
Now, with the clothes inside! 

The floor after! Time to get out the vacume cleaner!

My doll closet after. Amazing isn't it? The top floor is Hannah and Chrissa's room. The middle is Alyssa's room and the stable ( the horse is behind the curtain) and the bottom is Julie's room. The twins just pick where they want to go for the night! lol . If you want me to make a tour of my doll "house" comment.
Iwannatourthedollhousepluskyrocks! :D

So, here are some pics I took when I was bored. You might not know this but I love colored pencils. Here are some pics, feel free to take them and use them for a desktop background, or for a profile pic, but do not take credit for them. It took some time to do them, so please. If you use them, give me the credit!

Probably my favorite!

If you like art or take art, you might now what I did here. Comment if you know, and if you don't comment asking me if you would like to know!


 Which do you like better?

Let's build a house!

Labyrinth time!

My favorite

Hope you enjoyed the pics. 

So, as you already know, I cleaned my doll closet, and I also cleaned my room. Here is a tour of my room I thought you might like!

So here is an awesome comparison of my room before and after it's cleaned.

Amazing, huh? In the first pic, before I cleaned you can see a my dolls, set up for a pic. You can also see the huge mess all around!

So, since it's clean, here is the tour!

So, when you walk in, this is what it looks like. 

So, to the side, we have my book shelf, and my chair. You can also see the X-mas tree where I take pics by the chair. Sometimes, I move the chair and take pictures by the wall.

My desk! My desk is really awesome, because I not only have four drawers in the bottom part, but I have 3 shelves on the side and a erasable, magnetic white board!
My bed!

My closet where I keep my clothes, toys, dolls and stuff.

My doll part of the closet (still not organize, I organized after)

The side of the closet by my bed, with the doll lockers and desks (where I store them), some LPS stuff and you can see Dell's bedroom! 

So, that was a tour of my doll room. Since we are coming to an end of this post here is the new CTP
So, the one and only winner of the 2 CTP is......
Maddie Mellark!
There will be no honorable mentions, because a very small amount of people entered. Sorry
Maddie's Caption

Chrissa: You didn't happen to tell Kanani you would pet sit again?
Hannah: Ummm
Chrissa: HANNAH
Hannah: Well she said she would give me a free Snow Cone!
Chrissa: Uggggggggh

Congrats Maddie!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed reading the three captions, here is the new pic, please, more people enter!
What do you think Chrissa and or Alyssa are thinking or saying??? You can have your caption be as funny or creative as you want, but nothing rude or mean!

And the one last thing for today: Drum roll please....
I made a video!!!!!!!!
So, it's not perfect, it's my first one, but I don't care. Chrissa is modeling some of the new things. There is music attached, but it's not inapropriate, it's a song by coldplay. Enjoy!

Oh no. It doesn't work. Shoot. I'll try to upload a different time, but for now just join the CTP


(I do not own this pic)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Late photostories and a little more

So, I just had to say, that I am super sorry for not posting that long. I have ten followers, which I am thankful for.
Thank you
American girl dolls rock
Dakota and Grace
Ur awesome guys!

Well, things have been really hectic because I was super busy with school and everything, but here are two photostories that were long forgotten. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND COMMENT!!!!!!! I feel like no one is taking the time to comment after it takes so long to make a post. Please, someone comment on Hannah's photo shoot, and on what I think of Saige and new things, AND what I think of each historical. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! :((

SO, here they are

Decorating The Tree

It was a cold winter afternoon, and the girls decided it was time to decorate the tree. This year, the theme was "home made" because most of the decorations were made by them.
Alyssa and Chrissa started straitening out the branches, because the tree was all weird after being in the basement for a year!

Hannah and Julie fixed the lights, so they could put them on. Putting the lights on the tree was always the oldest girls job.
A help me, cried Julie and she got tangled in the lights. Hannah giggles and went over to help her.

While Hannah was untangling Julie, Anna and Emily decided to play with the two ginger bread ornaments. "That's what you get for asking four year old's to decorate the tree." Chrissa mumbled, picking up the cranberries.
Finally, Julie was free, so with Hannah, she put on the lights, spreading them apart, so they wouldn't look weird.

Then as the girls finished putting the lights on, Dell came with the popcorn.
The girl started putting the cranberries and the popcorn along with the ornaments on the tree, chatting about what they would like for X-mas, and how they though it was funny they were all in their pj's. Hannah then asked Dell why she was in her clothes and Dell answered that she was organizing her room that day, and wanted to be in her clothes.
Finally after the tree was done, it was time to put on the star.
"Hey, but who will do it if we have 2 new people??" Emily asked. 
Chrissa went pale. "But Emily, Caroline is a- OW" She began but stopped when Hannah jabbed her in the rib.
"Okay, Dell you'll put the star, and Caroline will light the lights." Hannah said, and Chrissa looked at her surprised. "I'll go up to Caroline, say loudly, hurry up Caro, and then swipe my hand across the switch!" She whispered smartly. Chrissa nodded. 
Alyssa helped Dell get on the chair and put the star on the tree. 
Then the girls got off and just as planned, Hannah went to the doll by the switch and completed her plan. All the girls gasped.
 The tree looked beautiful. The girls all settled around it and started singing "Oh Christmas Tree" Smiling and hoping for a good Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed that one, here is one more!

It's here!!!

It was Christmas morning and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except for Alyssa! Alyssa woke up eagerly and looked around. It was Christmas Morning! She didn't care that her hair was messy and that she looked a sight, so she ran to wake all her sisters up!
Alyssa woke up Dell, her 9 year old sister first. Dell looked around her room and then pulled her hair out of the buns that she'd been keeping them in for weeks. Finally she had curly hair!
Soon, all the girls were sitting by the tree, marveling at the presents.

They started passing around presents, until each girl had her present in front of her.Then, just like every year, they started guessing what they got. The girl that would wait longest won some candy.
I can't do this anymore, Emily thought and tore open the pink paper. She screamed in delight at her present. A rapunzel doll, a hello kitty figurine, a stuffed toy rabbit and a book. How fun!
Anna couldn't do it either. She ripped the paper to find a stuffed toy bear, a plush dog, a book and a hello kitty figurine. She couldn't stop smiling.

"I wan't candy, but I have to see my presents!" Chrissa thought, and anxiously ripped the paper of the smallest package. A stress ball! She shouted. Then she opened the two other packages. A deck of cards to practice my magic tricks and four books! Yay!
Alyssa opened her presents next. "Two AG magazine's, a bracelet, and a whole set of lego friends to add to my collection!" She screeched, trying on the bracelet and paging through the magazine's.

Dell couldn't hold it any longer. She looked at her smaller package the one with the note. It said "Dear Dell, since you know that I want you to save up yourself, here is a doll while you earn your money. Love, Dad" Dell smiled. Her dad had sent a present all the way from Kentucky. She opened the package and grinned.
She's so cute! She thought to herself, admiring the funny little doll. Then Dell opened her next package.
Look, it's two tunics and a army hat! She shouted in delight, looking at Alyssa. Her sister smiled. "Go try one on!" She encouraged, so Dell did.
Dell smiled at herself in the mirror, and then went back to the girls.

Julie was opening her package. "Oh my gosh, an AG doll!!!!!"" She shouted loudly. Now I don't have to borrow from my friend, she thought. The girls all congratulated her, and then Julie started reading her book.

Hannah knew she had won the candy, so eagerly she tore the paper of her packages. "An ag doll!!!!!!!!!!!!! She screamed and started stroking her dolls hair. Julie smiled at Hannah, and together they started talking about how excited they were.

Later, after the girls had eaten breakfast and cleaned up the mess by the tree, they all started playing with their presents. They were so happy.
You know what, Hannah said loudly. This is probably one of the best Christmases ever! And all the girls agreed.

My dolls and I wish you a LATE MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, check out Del's new blog, all about her life!