Friday, September 27, 2013

Stuff I'm getting

Hey so this is my first official post
Since you know that I ordered Saige, I thought I would tell you everything I'm gonna get. I'm paying for it all with my own money I have saved up. Here it is:


Saige's Accessories
Saige's Sweater Outfit
Saige's Sparkle Dress
Saige's Pajamas
Sparkly Hair Pick
These are all of the things that I am getting. I hope you enjoyed this. Also comment down below if you have Saige and how you like her, your opinion about her. I'm just curious. I can't wait til Saige gets here!!!!!!! Bye.

New author

Hey guys
so yes I am the new author. My name is Molly. I have Molly McIntire(not sure if I spelled her last name right) an ag doll. I have Taryn a maplelea doll. I have Lauryce a h4h doll. And as Natalia said, Saige is on her way home!!!!!! I can't wait to get her. So that is just an intruduction to me. Also just by the way my sister is getting #39. Well I can't wait to post more for you guys!!!!!!! Bye

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cool stuff

Hi guys!
So, I have very exciting news.
So this blog isn't left abandoned, we're gonna be doing something special
We're gonna have a second author!

My good friend Molly is going to lend a hand and now this blog will be led by not one, but TWO dolly fans.
Molly has one ag doll, one mapleala doll, one h4h girl doll, and her new SAIGE (Yes, SAIGE) is on her way home.
I will work more on making this blog better for both of us to work this weekend, and look forward to a post from Molly soon!

Also, how do you create a youtube channel. PLEASE COMMENT
And remember to check out my first ever this or that post below, and to check out my "dolls i like" post, also below


Thursday, September 12, 2013

This or that #1

Hi guys!
I though that since many people do this, I could do it too. So, make sure to comment with your answers!!!!!!!!!!!


 Dreamy Daybed 


Julie's bed


Marie Grace's Summer Dress


Cecile's Summer Dress




Chocolate Chip


Breakfast set


Dinner Set


Doll Travel Book


Doll School Book


Mckenna Girl of the Year


Saige Girl of the Year


Caroline Doll


Rebecca Doll


Julie's Car Set


Caroline's Parlor Set

I hope you enjoyed! I can't wait to read your answers!
Have fun!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please Check Out My Newest Page

So, I created a new page, and would love if you check it out! It is called Delightful Blogs! On it you can find my not doll related blog which I just started!!!!

Also, please check out my two newest posts, and please, comment telling me how to make a youtube channel so I can join the dolltube community!!!!!!!!!

Love ya guys!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dolls I like

A few weeks ago, my cyber friend Brooke from "the four AG sisters" made a post like this. I would do a shoutout, but she is shutting down the blog. I'll miss you Brooke!!!!

So, this is not my wish list. Please don't call me greedy or selfish, I am just showing you the dolls I like and what I would name them if I owned them.
I hope you like it.

Primrose Charllotte Fox: From Tennessee and New Mexico
I really like this doll and find her very unique. I would name her Primrose because its a unique name, just like her personality. Prim would be an kind, gentle girl with passion for music. She would play the flute, the guitar, a little bit of piano and the violin. She's so pretty.
Charlotten Amber Fox: From South Dakota
I think this doll is so pretty. I love her face and if I got her she would be my first doll with bangs. Charlie is also musical, but she also enjoys history and learning all about the past and what life was like before. She is not the sister of Prim but if I ever got one of these dolls, it would be either Charlie or Prim, not both.

Leah Samantha James: From Ireland and Long Island, New York
If I was to get any doll right now, it would be Leah. I just LOVE her! She is so pretty and since my friend has her, I know she is so photogenic. Also, she represents the main character in of my stories, Samantha Leah James. This Leah is fun, energetic and so sporty. She plays so many sports I can't even name them all and is always up for a match of some kind. She is very friendly and always on the lookout for girls to join her group.

Kenley Amira Stone: From Florida
I love this doll. She is so unique and pretty. I haven't come up with a personality for her yet, but I know that she would be trustworthy, a bit shy and always up for adventure.

Destiny Sapphire Mills: New York and Beverly Hills
Even though this doll is names Caroline, I don't think it really fits her. Destiny is a girly girl through and through and loves anything pink. She loves to be onstage, acting in plays, dancing or singing. She has a soft spot for ballet and cheesy musicals. She hopes to preform on Broadway one day. Destiny is funny, caring and the best friend anyone could ever have.

Adele Maria Gardner: From New Orleans
Like Caroline, I thought that Marie-Grace just doesn't fit her. Adele loves to sing. She has a clean pure voice and loves all kinds of music. She is a shy, gentle girl but can act a bit silly around her friend. She dreams of being a singer that inspires girls to be their best.

Rebecca Rachel Rubin: From New York, with Russian descendants
My friend has this doll because I gave it to her as a birthday/communion present and both of us love her. She is so photogenic and has gorgeous eyes. If I owned Rebecca she would be a fun, happy girl that loved to act. Like Destiny, she dreams of being on Broadway and acting in a movie or two. She loves fashion and shopping.

Emma Hailey Bennett: From England and Long Island, New York
Emma is a shy, calm girl that loves animals. She has big dreams to create a place where she can nurse animals back to health and help cats and dogs find homes. She loves being outside and sleepovers with her friends. Even though it seems unlikely, she loves hip-hop and goes to lessons every week. Like Leah, Emma's name and look is based on the second main character in my story whose name is Hailey Emma Bennett. Sadly, if I would like to get Emma, I would have to get her this year, since the Emily doll is retiring.

Cecile Eveline Rey: From New Orleans
Cecile is a energetic, adventurous girl with heart. She loves adventures and her heart yearns to travel the globe one day. Sometimes, she pretends that she travels around the world in less than 80 days and becomes famous. She can already hear it: Professor Cecile Rey, has traveled the world. She desperately wants to visit Africa and Europe, especially Ghana and France, two countries she has descendants from. She also loves anything antique and vintage.

Asia Ivy Ling: From San Francisco and China
For a long time now, I've had a soft spot for those almond shaped eyes and sweet haircut. Asia is a kind, friendly girl that loves gymnastics and dance. She is a huge fan of hip-hop, the dance style and the music, and loves to practice her gymnastics moves to the newest tunes. As you might have guessed, Asia is very flexible and loves to amaze her friends by putting in gymnastic shows every once in a while.

Ashley Chloe Moritz: From Los Angeles
Ashley is different. She is still discovering her talents and figuring out who she really is. She likes theatre, drama and improv. She enjoys baking, jazz dancing, photography and babysitting. Her favorite thing to bake is cupcakes, and she loves to lavishly decorate them and give them to her friends. She loves to take pictures of nature, and also enjoys making music videos. Ashley is nice, hyper and loves to make new friends. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had a lot of fun doing this, and I would LOVE to know what doll you like!  I do not own any pictures except for the Rebecca in the garden one and the one of Caroline near her skiff. I took this myself. 
Also, please check out the post below, and let me know how to make a YouTube channel!!
Anks, and have a great day (especially if your suffering from a cold, like me)
Love ya guys!



Hi guys!
I really need your help. If you know how to create a YouTube channel, please comment.
I really want to make an AG one, and I don't know how. I will let you know when it's created, so you can watch my videos and all that, but for now, please help!
Have a nice day. Mine isn't so great cuz I'm sick.
I love this doll 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Giveaway on doll diaries!

Hi guys!
Doll diaries is having an amazing giveaway, and I got to enter!
They are giving away the mix and match outfits from AG, with the accessories, plus the new doll backpack and accessories!!!!!!!!
If you took the time to read this, great, cuz you got me another entry!!!!!
Good luck to you if you enter, and if you dont, cross your fingers for me!!!

No body has been commenting lately :( :( :(
Have a good day!