Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photoshoots, Photostory and advice

Hi Awesome people
So, thanks for the comments on the post below, if you haven't checked that out, please do!
I forgot to tell you, that the giveaway ends April 30th!
Also, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease check out Dell's awesome blog!

I need your advice
Have you ever been in a big play?
I'm preforming in a play called "Beauty is the Beast" in my school. I play the mayor and am a little orphan boy a bit later. So, I'm nervous. I mean, I have to be boys! Does anybody have any advice on how to be a bit less nervous?? If you do, please comment!

Now, the photo shoots!
So, in December I tooka photoshoot of Hannah. You can check it out here:

Then, it snowed. I didn't go out for another photoshoot
Then, all the snow melted, and it was gorgeous! I spent 3 hours outside in jeans and  sweater!
I took a photoshoot of Alyssa
Then, it snowed. I took a photoshoot of Hannah
Then it melted, and Julie had a small photoshoot. So here they are!!!

Oh no. I just realized the snow Hannah and spring Alyssa are in my moms camera, which means I can't post them till later, cuz I don't know where that camera is! So for now, enjoy this:

(By the way, the glasses Julie is wearing in some pics are from Springfield. I just got them as a prize, because I earned points on the website)

So, that's all the pics. Now onto the Easter Photo Story!

The Easter Eggs

It was a beautiful, sunny day, and Hannah and Alyssa were sitting in the backyard. Alyssa took a look at the easter baskets they had brought along, just in case and sighed. They hadn't seen anything yet. Then she gasped
"Hannah, look! An egg!"
"Oh! Grab your basket and let's get started!"

And so, the girls grabbed their baskets and ran off to find eggs.

Alyssa ran to the egg she had seen while sitting on the chair. Just as always, she she opened it up, she found a mini egg. Carefully, she placed it in her basket, left the egg open, and ran for more. 
Hannah spotted an egg! She reached for it, and then jumped. She got it! Quickly she opened it, placed the mini egg in her basket and rushed off.

Alyssa had found another. She opened it up, but to her disappointment, there was nothing inside! 
"Pink egg, spiky tree nothing!" She shouted to Hannah and then ran to get another.
This time, it had a mini egg inside

Hannah found another!

Oh, I have to find another, she thought to herself

I found one! Alyssa thought happily

Another one

Can you see it?
Alyssa shook the tree and down the egg fell!

The girls sat down.
"I have four," Alyssa said
"I have three," said Hannah. But then, she noticed something. Quickly, she got up and rushed for the egg.
"I have four now!" Hannah said, running back to Alyssa
"So, I don't think there's anymore eggs. Where could the prize egg be?" Alyssa asked. 
She got and and there it was!

She jumped up for and and then jumped down.
What was inside?
Jelly beans!

And so, the girls shared the jelly beans, and had a fun afternoon, talking and having fun!

Behind the scenes

It's on the bottom of her skirt

On her arm!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this, and please comment
And check out Dell's blog!

LOL (Lot's of love)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Changing the blog: One part at a time! (Plus Giveaway)

Hi everybody

So, I'm feeling super bad now, because this isn't the way I want this blog to be. I barely ever have time to post, and this makes me sad.
Good news!
One of the main reasons I don't post much is because it takes forever to upload pics. And posts can be boring without pics!
This summer, my family is getting an ipad, so I can take pictures with that (but I'll still use my camera lot) and can easily upload them!! Yay! Which means more posts!
The problem with blogging fo rme is I have a ton of homework every day, and my weekends are busy.
I promise, promise, promise to do AT LEAST 1 post a week

So, I need to shape this blog up. Could you help????
I need
- An unique design (If you know someone or if you create designs for blogs, please comment)
- To know how to make the big pictures up top for the top part of the page (Please tell me how to do this if you know how! You know, so there's this big sign at the top, which can be a picture!!)
- More followers? (Ask friends, or if you haven't, to follow!)
- More comments?? (Everyone loves comments. If you have a blog, think about how much you like to get comments, and take the time to write comments on others blogs)
- More ideas for posts??? (Comment with ideas)
- More time!! Just kidding you can't help me with that  (don't bother)
- More ideas from YOU on how to make this blog better (Again, comment)

So, the first step to makes this better is:
So, I decided that Natalia Loves AG is a bit boring
So.........I thought, and thought, and thought and came up with

The Dollies Delight

I am going to try to make this dolly blog delightful (teehee) so that fit! I just hope you don't think I copied this from the Spicy's new name. I came up with the name before I saw the Spicy's new name.
I kept the adress the same though!!

Want to help but don't know how????
Tell people about my blog!!!
- Link it on Shout out's
- Write comments on people's blogs
- Mention my blog on your blog! (If you have one)
There is many more ways you can tell people about my blog, all you have to do is be creative. The more followers, the more "professional" this blog will be (or at least that's the way it will feel)

So I hope you like the name, and please, please, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comment and be a part of helping to make this blog better! (You can answer one of those things above, or something else)


The giveaway is still on!!!!!!!!!!! I only received 2 entries (that's no fun) so you still have a chance to enter!!!!!

Every doll family is different. Every doll family is special. If you think about it, probably no one in the world has the same dolls, mini dolls and pets like you. Pretty cool, huh? That's why, I want YOU to join this giveaway!

Now, what to do to enter???
Send a picture of your doll family (this means all types of dolls are welcome)
-AG dolls
-Mini dolls
-Barbie dolls
-Gabbage Patch Kids
-Our Generation
Etc. Etc.
To find my email go to the contact me page

-If you are under 15, ask an adult before entering
-Do not send in two pictures. Unless you have a younger sibling that wants to enter, only send one picture
-PLEASE put the subject as SAINT PATRICK GIVEAWAY, so I don't throw it away or something. 
-Do not use anything rude in your picture (rude thing in the background, rude thing on dolls shirt etc.)
-If you win, you have to email me so I know your email address so I can email you back

Winners receive: 

First place winner gets to choose:

-Tutorial to make cute doll bulletin board
- Doll slippers!

Second place winner gets remaining prize

I am so sorry I can't send real prizes, but that costs money, and tutorials for prizes are better than none!!!!!

So, please help out!
Oh yeah, and I edited the pages a little so check them out.  And please check out the profile page, I changed it a bit, added some stuff!

Oh, and one more thing

Look out for an Easter photo story and Julie's ready for spring photo shoot!!! Coming soon!


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Your friend,