Delightfull Doll Stories

Here Are The Stories Of How I Got My Dolls!Check Out  Doll Profiles After This !!!!!!!!!


Hannah was my first AG doll. She was a JLY doll and came in the grey leggings (lost!) pink tunic and pink ballet flats. I got her around new years of 2008. I will never forget her story. It's probably the funnest one! I was in Austria, in this, collage places where you could stay with you family and no one but my family and my aunt and uncle were there.
 I was in my room, reading, my brother in the bunk below, when my aunt shouted from her room "OH MY GOSH! PRESENTS?!" My brother jumped out of his bed and I called to him to wait. I jumped off the top bunk, my feet hurting like crazy when they hit the rug (thank goodness there was a rug!) and we ran down the hallway to the room. On the bed there were presents galore! My mom and dad came in and looked at my aunt and uncle, quite surprised but then they shrugged. My aunt told me I should open the big package first, so I did. I screamed when I saw what was inside.
About half a year earlier, my friend had showed me the AG website. I was in love with the dolls and knew I wanted one for myself. Here she was! I pulled off the top and took Hannah out. I hugged her tight and thanked my aunt and uncle a million times! Along with Hannah I received a doll brush, and Kit's nightgown. But a few weeks later, my aunt sent a ton of clothes that her daughters (my cousins) never used. They are really big now, so yeah.
Hannah is 4 years old, and I am surprised at how well she's been going! She is like me, except I have brown eyes, and shorter hair, though it is layered. 
Secret Confession (Poor Hannah was first named Sarah, then Jessica, then Lexi, then her full name was Sarah Jessica Fern and no surname, and then finally she ended up with Hannah Montana (I was little and obsessed!) and then I changed her name to Hannah Sarah Williams!)


Julie was my second doll. I got her in AG place Dallas, Summer 2009. When I bought her, my aunt said she had been thinking about getting Julie for me instead of Hannah, since she knew I have brown eyes, but she said I would probably like a Just like you doll better than a historical for my first doll. I am thankful to her for getting me Hannah, because my doll family would not be the same without her. Julie came dressed in the outfit she always does, and I got her a long with her Birthday outfit. So far, that is the only outfit from her collection I have, but I am planning to get her Calico dress and summer skirt set soon(by that I mean like half a year or so). 
Secret Confession:  I love Julie, but she has hard hair to maintain, because in the airplane back home, the stewardess spilled a drop of juice on her hair accidentally. I still love her though because she looks pretty in almost anything.


Chrissa was my third AG doll. When she came out, I realized I wanted her.Even though when I went to AG place and got Julie, Chrissa was there, my mom told me I should wait for Christmas. I had only blond dolls and her dark hair and pink dress were just wonderful. Even my mom thought she was pretty and loved the style of her hair.
Chrissa is also special because she was the first doll I got on Christmas. On December 25th I woke up early and got my family up and then we all went to the living room. The rectangular shape of a wrapped box gave it away. Chrissa was opened before last, because I always open the smallest presents first then to the biggest. I also got Julie's bed on that day, which was my first ag bed. The box was huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got Chrissa's swim outfit and a few more AG things I don't remember what they were. 
Secret Confession: Chrissa always had this strand of hair that got in her face. So one day I became furious and cut it off. Lucky for me, I was a horrible hair dresser and she was left with ugly, uneven bangs! UGH! But I had the nerve and cut off the bangs just a while ago. She's back to normal now!

Anna and Emily:

During the Summer of 2010, my mom went to New York for a teaching conference (she's a teacher) and asked me if I wanted a doll to get while she was there. At the moment, I was obsessed with toddlers, so together we picked out two bitty twins. They came dressed in the older dresses, red shoes and grey socks. I also got their pj's. They were very cute, but for some weird reason, I didn't really feel like playing with them. I was feeling guilty for using my money for dolls I never played with. Now I have changed. I like using them as younger friends, and they are my dolls little sisters. That way, the 18 inch dolls can also be babysitters! I love these dolls, they are very cute, but I know they will never be as special to me as other dolls, sadly.
Secret Confession: Sometimes, even though I love them, I think about how I should've gotten Rebecca, and how much more play value she would be! I would have so much fun with her and she would be a great sister to my dolls! I still love these, but I realized that if you are older than six, you won't enjoy these dolls so much :(


Alyssa is my newest AG doll, even though she is almost two years old! It was around Christmas 2010, and I wanted a doll that looked like me. Alyssa was the closest one, though her hair is a bit darker than mine (I have natural highlights!) and her skin was a bit too dark (I can get super tan though, and when I do, it lasts for a while and then seems to rub off me.) I received her at Christmas, along  with Honey, Lanie's nightgown,  Sweet Melody outfit, Cozy plaid outfit, and a bed that my mom spent weeks making (you can see it on my first photostory!). I love Alyssa she is probably my favorite doll. I made her birthday mine, her personality is kind of like mine, and she looks good in EVERYTHING! I love her, she is my MAG doll, and came in the Real me outfit. 
Secret Confession: Sometimes I get angry, because a little bit after I got Alyssa, the doll with blond hair, brown eyes and light skin came out. She looks like Alyssa, and that makes her look like me. When I put pictures of that doll next to me, or pics of me, it's creepy how much we look alike! I still love Alyssa though!


Dell is a hearts for hearts girl from Playmate toys. She is fourteen inches tall and has a vinyl body. She comes dressed in a flowery blouse, capris, yellow spotted mary janes, and an army hat. Dell will be starting her own blog soon!
Ever since I found out about H4HG I wanted one. They are very cheap, but I spend money easily but I saved up for a doll. At the moment, I wanted Consuelo, a very pretty doll. But then the more I thought about it, Dell was prettier. That's when I ordered Dell from Amazon.
Eight days later, Dell arrived. I was in my room with my friend when my brother called me in a mysterious voice. Hannah and I ran to the kitchen to see my brother holding a package. I let out a scream and started opening the box. Dell was beautiful. I was super excited. The pictures don't do her justice. She looks different, and her eyes are BEAUTIFUL. I love Dell, she is such a pretty doll! Check out her and the other dolls at
Secret Confession: About two weeks after Dell came out, two deluxe dolls came out, Dell and Consuelo. I was furious. The deluxe Dell had a guitar and a adorable outfit, and the guitar played! She was awesome, but it was too late. When I do think about the awesome Dell, I just tell myself that I can one day get the Deluxe Consuelo, because she is so cool that way!!!!


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